What We Do

Tell Stories

Currently, the majority of digital media content that is created locally and regionally is targeted towards an adult audience – such as music videos and films. There is a large gap in the market for content targeting children that we want to fill.

We create cartoons and films made by Rwandans for Rwandans. There are a number of sources we plan to use for inspiration: Rwandan folk tales; stories from local writers; national curriculum and local campaigns targeting children.


Create Storytellers

We offer classes using mainly with free and open technology that can be localised and shared with the artists and technologists who we train so that not only will we be a part of the currently very small animation industry in Rwanda, but we also will be part of helping it to grow exponentially. We hope to train 10 students every quarter (4 months), leading to a total of 40 trained students per year.

In addition, for each project that we take on, we would like to work with interns, either selected from the students trained, or who have some skills from other trainings. These interns will learn animation techniques on the job while being supervised by highly skilled professionals.