The prodigal animator returns

I’m sorry. It’s been 7 months without an update! Let me catch you up on all that happened. Approximately 3 weeks after I posted my last update, on the 4th of August 2014 to be exact, I received an email informing me I had won a scholarship to study at Kobe Institute of Computing – in Japan!

I had less than 2 months to prepare.

I put the Traffic School plans on hold and began the challenging task of preparing my two small businesses for my departure. With Yambi Animation Studios, it was less difficult as we only had one contract at the time… which, sadly, I was unable to complete in time. Oh – I forgot to mention I was in a motorcycle accident – and a bridesmaid at a wedding in Uganda! I’ll admit, both activities rather distracted me from my business.

In the end, I left Rwanda with a few loose ends to tie, but I could not postpone an opportunity I had been interested in for many years. Japan is the birth place of many of my favourite animated films: Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away – to name a few. The university where I am now studying has many connections to major players in both the animation and gaming industries here. I believe 2 years away from home will be a worthy sacrifice.

That said, I see no harm in continuing to update this blog. I have not completely abandoned my work. In fact – right now, as part of one of one of my course assignments, I am working on a customised version of Blender, tentatively entitled, “YAMBI3D”.

Here’s a little “Before and After” of what I’ve done so far.


Default layout for Blender
Default layout for Blender


Layout of YAMBI3D

YAMBI3D will be a tool for teaching 3D modelling and animation principles in schools – and at Yambi Animation Studios, hopefully. I am creating version of Blender with a drastically simplified interface. Less buttons and panels, larger text, simpler language – you get the idea. The next step will be to translate it to Kinyarwanda and Swahili. This project has been fun at times, and at other times made me think dangerous thoughts about my computer. One thing I am very pleased about is that I’ve finally started learning how to code in Python – something I promised myself I’d do a long, long time ago.

Well, I hope you have forgiven me for my long absence. I’ll do my best to post regular updates on.



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